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Nov 7, 2003
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hey folks,

Can anyone give me some idea..about converting h4 to F1, from India.I have cleared part1 ..but i didnt apply to school due to extraordinary unavodable cirmcumstances..

At present i mback to India...and my visa has please
guide me on how can i come back on F1 whcih course shd i take admission...please help me..:confused:



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Apr 18, 2003
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If your H4 has expired, then you won't be converting from anything, 'cause you just don't have a visa. Or do you have one?

If that's the case (you have no visa), then you'll just have to apply from scrath for a F1 visa.

If you DO have a visa (H4) then you'll have to apply for a change of status to a F1 visa.

But, do a search on this forum about changing status from H4 to F1, 'cause we have talked about the legal repercutions it may have on you inmigration record.

Also, you have to plan on how will you make it to the interviews.
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