Medical From Mississippi - What are my out of state chances?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Hi, so I am a rising junior attending a public university in Mississippi. MS only has one medical school, and I have already been granted early assurance there. I asked my advisor if pre-med students ever go out of state, and she said not usually, which kind of bummed me out. I like Mississippi, but I would also like to have more options. Anyway:
African-American female
4.0 GPA
230+ hours clinical work (ER technician)
around 10 hours of clinical volunteering and hoping to get more (at a free clinic)
20 hours of non-clinical volunteering, unless putting on events/fundraising for a children's hospital counts
Tutoring job, health communications research, several leadership positions
64 hrs of shadowing (getting more in July)
Editorial work on a a yearly artistic journal
Mentoring students this upcoming year through two different programs
Obviously it's probably difficult to say anything without the MCAT score (taking it in January) but I'm really curious because most states have more than one medical school so I'm wondering how schools view applicants from MS and if I have a shot anywhere else. Any advice at all would be amazing. Thanks!
Like you said, you need an MCAT score for us to give you good advice. Your GPA is obviously good. Your clinical and non-clinical volunteering hours need to be beefed up though. You are lacking majorly in that area.

Students aren’t limited to their home state. Just because you are from MS doesn’t mean you have to only apply there. If you score well on the MCAT and get yours hours up I think you have a great shot.

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