from STEP ONE to the MATCH

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Mar 19, 2004
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hello there.
i am a 30 years old male, graduated from a humble medical school in manila last 1998.
i am not the best student in my class.

i did two years of residency in the philippines, and fate made me to look again in the prospect of tackling the USMLE's and matching for a residency slot in the USA.

i studied by myself for the USMLE Steps 1 and 2 and the CSA.
got all the books and materials which i thought are necessary and read them. by heart.

also, i assimilated all the pieces of advice i got from everyone. littelest they may seem, but all were nuggets of gold to me.

i sought our 'elders' to write me strong letters of recommendation and asked my school's dean to make me a very good dean's letter.

my personal statement i composed for a whole week. make that two. for it to be outstanding, yet modest and true. i even asked a friend's friend to help me out.

wrote down all my academic accolades and clinical experiences for my curriculum vitae. it was a very short list.

then went to USA for the CSA.
and interivewed to eight programs from the twelve calls i got.

i aimed to leave a good impression with the interviewing faculty. needless to say, that is different from impressing the interviewers.
i was eager but composed.
conveyed i am confident of what i can offer,
yet reassured them i have a lot to learn under their tutelage and care.
i was interesting as i was interested.
smiled alot. becasue i really do smile alot.

followed up my application by sending thank-you letters and letters of intention.

while waiting for the match outsome, i studied and took step 3.

i matched with a university program for ob/gyn.

i think this is a very likely story for people who went through the match.
but what i like to underscore is that
are the keys to success. For the Match or otherwise.

And, by the way, I always ask and seek Our Lord God's approval in every step of the way.
Surely, He will lead the way.
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