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Frustrated and angry about where I am in life. Don't know my career path need advice

Discussion in 'hSDN' started by poopsmcgeethe3rd, May 17, 2014.

  1. poopsmcgeethe3rd


    Mar 16, 2014
    Sorry if this is gonna be a long rant, but its much needed. So my dad tells my mom that he is disappointed in me and that hurt a bit. A brief summary of where I am at is that I graduated from a good college in a neuroscience degree I am 22 with an okay gpa not competitive enough for professional school like dentistry, so in this weird transition of finding what I want to do with my life and deciding whether I want to go back to school to do a masters program to increase my gpa for dental school or go into podiatry (just recently family suggested the idea). So after I graduated from college I moved back home and worked in ****ty jobs for the past 9 months (hospital and retail) figure out what to do with my life. My dad always pressured me to go back to school from the start, telling me I am wasting my time working etc... So I have been working ****ty jobs and having family nag on me asking me what I am doing with my life. This can ****ing take a toll on your state of mind, especially after awhile where you start questioning yourself. Ever since I moved back home from college I have been depressed. Questioning wtf am I doing with my life. I have been out of school for 9 months now. My dad has always been pressuring me to go back to school and I have just been generally embarassed to look him in the face. I live at home and save up money and I used to talk to my dad more the first 6 months and now the last 3 months I don't even look at him nor do I talk to him. I remember I had a convo with my dad telling him my grace period for loan is up and I need to start paying it off and he tells me to go back to school. In my mind I thought so you want me to go back to school to get even in more debt? Do you realize the situation I am in? I can't just ****ing go back to school just cause and get mediocre grades, it will be a huge waste of time and money. My dad is very hard headed and always been a dick when I was a kid. Going back and living at home has been really frustrating and I have been getting very depressed about it. Working in ****ty jobs and constantly disappointing my dad cause he wants me to do a certain thing can take a toll on your mental state of mind. I am just so ****ing frustrated. I was much happier when I was away from college not having to deal with family expectations. I was away doing me, but I was living in a fantasy world now I am back home ****ing embarassed to even be here. I don't know what to ****ing do, I have just been frustrated. I don't feel ready to go to school, since I didn't do well the first place and I am not motivated to do it. I haven't found what I love to do yet and not willing to work hard for it. I am honestly about to blow up into my parents face. Why the **** do you expect so much from me when you never offered me ****. I had to do everything on my own, while my ****ing cousin has very supportive parents and his dad helps him out to actually achieve the goal, offers suggestions, and where to be instead of just nagging him like wtf is wrong with you what are you doing with your life? You dissappoint me, I mean like wtf. At least his dad is supportive, my dad just ****ing tells me he is disappointed in me and go back to school. How the **** is that helpful? My older bro barely talks to my dad for years and I always had a closer bond with my dad but my dad has always been a ****ing dick at times, I used to have brief periods of not talking to my dad when I was younger. Also at work I constantly zone out, someone is blabbering and I am just thinking about something else. My coworkers can tell that something is always on my mind and I am just not there. I just zone out thinking wtf am I doing here why am I doing what I am doing? Also I don't really have anyone in my life to give me advice. I don't know what the **** to do. I feel the need to please my parents and family, I don't know what the **** to do. PLease help!
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  3. barsoum.michael

    barsoum.michael 2+ Year Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    Little Neck, New York
    Take MCATs and apply to DO med schools
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  4. Gregor Wiesmann

    Gregor Wiesmann 2+ Year Member

    Nov 13, 2013
    Okay, well this is hSDN for high school students. Anyways, what was your GPA? And what professional school are you interested? We can't give you any advice without these important bits of information.
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  5. frosted_flake

    frosted_flake waaahmbulance attendant Gold Donor Classifieds Approved 2+ Year Member

    Oct 27, 2012
    Los Angeles
    You sound like my sister.
    Take a deep breath and chill out!
    It will all work out how it is supposed to. Unless he is telling you to get out of the house, just ignore his rude/hurtful comments towards you. (That's what I would do)
  6. MedWonk

    MedWonk 高飛車 7+ Year Member

    May 13, 2010
    New England
    Well, I can sympathize, as I had similar feelings after graduating, but the first thing you need to do is figure out your goals. What exactly do you want to do? No one here can figure that out for you. When you have that figured out, then you get help. Otherwise, there isn't much advice I can give other than to move to a relatively low cost-of-living major metro area and live like a hipster while you figure **** out. Atlanta, Austin, NOLA, Houston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Albuquerque, Lincoln, Omaha, Des Moines, etc. There's plenty of places with decent opportunity and relatively low cost of living to allow to get on your feet and get going. You don't have to stay home. The idea of just up and moving is anxiety-provoking, but you've got to take some risks if you want to move forward. If you wait for the sure thing, you might be waiting forever.

    Alternatively, if you want to be pragmatic, you can take a gander at the Occupational Outlook Handbook and take a look at what fields are both growing and offer decent pay. If you like working with your hands and don't mind breaking a sweat, then doing a trade may be a good idea. I myself strongly considered becoming an electrician right after college if my job search didn't pan out.
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  7. superpom_7

    superpom_7 Casually waiting for January 29th..

    Jun 29, 2014
    hSDN Member

    Hey...relax. Take a deep breath, breathe. This actually sounds really similar to my siblings. One of my siblings doesn't want to go to college (and isn't) and my parents are always on his tail about what is he going to do with his life, and to get out of the house and do something with his life. My other sibling went to college and dropped out and my parents were really disappointed in him and were really mad that he wasted their money; so I understand to a certain extent. Don't stress yourself out. It's okay. Like you said, I wouldn't go to school and create more debt just because your parents want you to. I really wouldn't worry about trying to please your family or parents right now. You need to make sure you are okay. When you feel you are ready to go to school or if you want to go back, go for it. But don't go just to please your parents. Have you tried sitting down and talking to your dad? Can he see that you're trying and that nagging you isn't going to solve anything?

    Is there anyone else in your family that you can talk to that would understand? Another thing that really may help is for you to try and move out. I think you would be a lot less stressed and under pressure if you didn't live at home and your parents always bothering you. If you can, try saving up and moving out. If you move out, you can then relax and really take the time to get to know yourself (not saying you don't, but I mean in terms of what you want to do) and what you like and want in life . You won't have to worry about trying to please anyone else.
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