Frustrated in UG classes

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Oct 22, 2007
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I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem... I'm doing a bachelor in CS, so really no overlap with the pre-med requirements, but of course getting in to medical school is my goal. Recently, I just get really frustrated that I have to spend so much time working in classes that have nothing to do with medical school (such as computer classes, english requirements, etc.), and it just kinda takes a toll on me. Was wondering if anyone else ever felt this way?

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yes i hated english classes and humanities that seemed pointless, especially when you got a really bad TA for them..Once had to write a 15 page on the art of persuasion between two people..Would rather spend my time and energy focusing on classes that matter to me..but at the same time some classes that aren't competitive can be a good stress relief through out the day
It feels better if you just recognize that those requirements are there for a reason. It's always good when physicians have good life skills and writing and reading skills :)

I can understand how it's frustrating to have seemingly pointless assignments that are more busywork than anything else. But you say that you're frustrated about having to do work in your computer classes, which you take because its your major (i'm assuming by CS you mean computer science?)? Not sure about that one
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Yeah, I realize that comes off as pretty strange. The thing is, I chose this major because I do indeed enjoy the material, it's just not what I want as a career, ya know?
You could always do computer science as a minor. Programming could just be something you do on your free time.

EDIT: Think of the bright side, if you ever change your mind about medical school, there is always a lucrative job in technology waiting for you.
Do keep in mind that there are skills outside of the natural sciences that will come in handy including the art of persuasion between two people. Awhile back I listened in as a physician tried to persuade a man to agree to have his mother-in-law (who did not speak English) undergo a diagnositic procedure that carried some risks. The alternative was an amputation.

It is not enough to know which test to order, how to perform an exam or an invasive test, how to interprete the results, make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment or perform a surgical procedure... you need to know how to ask questions, how to read body language, how to explain things in a way that will help people make wise and reasonable decisions... there is a lot you can learn from classes in the humanities.
I loved all my classes that were not med school requirements. I agree with the previous posters who say that knowledge acquired in these classes is essential to developing as a well-rounded physician.

Maybe you need to plan your classes better. I obviously had requirements, but they were pretty general, like Writing, an American History class, etc. However, there were a variety of classes to choose from to fulfill these requirements. Are you saying that there are no interesting classes that fulfill these requirements? I went to a large state school, so I can understand not all universities have the same wide class selection. But I find it hard to believe you can't find anything interesting.

Don't take this as an insult, just something to think about. If only pre-med classes interest you, then there are many parts about being a physician that you will not like.
Thank you for all the replies. I think my problem is moreso this: I enjoy my CS classes, but since it's not what I want to do as a career, I just can't help but think that while I slave away at these programs, I should be studying for my biochemistry course! And it just bugs me and makes everything more difficult :(
Its not that i didn't find the art of persuasion useful or important, essentially the main purpose of rhetoric because it is. What i found dumb about the assignment was writing 15 pages over a 2 minute conversation you can only make up so much BS after the 4th page.