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Feb 13, 2008
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I started this quarter with the intention of satisfying the last requirements of my first major while getting a head start on my second (getting a B.A and a B.S in two radically different fields). When I picked the classes I'd use to satisfy my B.A reqs, I tried to pick one that was germane to my ultimate career aspirations and wound up with Disability studies on my schedule.

The title and description made it seem really interesting, but now that I'm halfway through the class, it's just gotten to be this monumental waste of time. The prof took off to Australia leaving his assistant at the reigns, and she keeps canceling class, telling us to go do "field work" whatever that means....

Normally I'd tough it out, but my internship suddenly doubled my hours, and I now find myself stretched more thinly than I'd like this quarter. As my workload increases I'm having to cannibalize time I'd spend on this class for more important classes (virology, physics, etc.)
As a result, my so-called "participation" grade will likely suffer, and it constitutes 30% of the overall course grade.

I appologize for being so long winded, to be honest half of that was a vent, but I'm now confronted with multiple options, and could use some input.

Option 1: Drop the class, be at 12 credits, focus on everthing else.
I'd be forced to take a similar class next quarter that would most likely interefere slightly with my other classes again, as well as my internship which I REALLY enjoy and can't see myself leaving for anything short of an acceptance. That, and it might demonstrate to adcoms that I couldn't handle my workload...

Option 2: Stay the course, take a potential grade hit, but have a req. out of the way for my "fun" major.
I'm working REALLY hard to preserve my upward trend, and I'm worried that this class will blow it. I've been getting 3.9's in my major's classes, a 3.4 would be a DISASTER. I know what you're thinking, grade-mongering gunner should be thankful. Normally I'd agree, but it's in the humanities so there's really no excuse for not blowing it out of the water...


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Jun 27, 2007
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seems like your only option is 2 because you clearly stated that option 1 would result in the same situation that you are in currently.
Just tough it out, one bad grade wont kill you and also teachs you how to juggle so many things at once so if this happens again later, you are prepared for it!

Idk , just my opinion, good luck!!!


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Sep 23, 2007
I'd cut back on the doubled internship hours and go to those classes. Unless you think your situation is radically going to change in the next quarter, you might as well get it out of the way.