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future aspirations

Frank Hardy

10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Jun 4, 2006
  1. Pre-Medical

    It seems as though there are several SDN members who have extensive knowledge about health care from a variety of angles. I was wondering if they would give me some advice. If I get a chance to go to medical school I was hoping that at the end I would be able to work globally; specifically, organize and participate in clinics in areas torn apart by war, natural disasters, etc. Which degree either after medical school or through dual- degree programs would facilitate this MBA or MPH? Though, an MPH is geared toward researching trends in disease spread, populations at risk, etc. does it give you a broader scope about health issues? I realize working with existing organizations would provide me with contacts but what would it take to develop the know-how? Also, here's a stupid question- what is an emergency room doc? Is this a person who became a general surgeon and then decided to work in the ER?
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