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Discussion in 'Podiatric Residents & Physicians' started by jw123, Dec 23, 2008.

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    hey, i was just curious what some of you guys thought. I was thinking that since podiatry has become more of a surgical subspecialty and because more podiatrists are entering hospitals, ortho, and multispecialty groups that soon it will be too hard for podiatrists to get into one of these groups or hospitals since all the jobs in these areas may be filled. do you think there is a possibility of that happening? also, do you think that because of this more people will start going into solo practice again?

    Thanks for your imput
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    i can see that being a possibility. the more specialized podiatry becomes, the fewer the people who need that particular service. with limited need, there will be limited positions. but even though podiatry is incorporating more and more surgery, there will always be diabetes, runners, geriatrics and other run of the mill pts who need general podiatric care. dont forget americans are always getting fatter and the incidence of diabetes is on growing drastically. i think a lot depends on the state in which you chose to work. i know from talking to pods in my state, the starting salary is extremely low due to lack of demand. other states might have huge demand and never run out of spots to be filled...
    and judging by the way things are advancing in the field of medicine, solo practices dont seem to be the way to go. too hard to compete with group practices, too much overhead, difficult to start etc. just find a couple good pods that all offer different specialties and begin a group practice that can cater to all different types and you'll have a good thing going.
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    This is pretty much my opinion also.

    Solo practices can work in some areas, but it's tough and you will get pretty bogged down with a lot of admin duties. Having a group is probably better to share costs and offices, get referrals, and most importantly, have a lot more collective more buying power for other money making opportunities (surg center, lab, imaging, etc).

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