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Jan 7, 2003
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ok, this may be one of the most annoying threads to start (forgive me, i'm still relatively new).... but:

who else is taking the test at georgia state?
any tips, suggestions, lessons learned?
where to park, and so on.

from what i know, it's right next to grady, so you can park at the grady garage ($5) and there is a mcdonald's outside the deck.

not sure what the laws are about parking on the street but there are also some spaces there. haven't seen much else for lunch so you probably want to bring you own. it might also be close to underground but if it is, i'll bet you would run out of time trying to go there.

for transport, marta is also an option. you have to get on the east-west line. first stop to the east i believe.


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Jul 10, 2003
Atlanta, Ga
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im an undergrad at georgia state but im gonna be taking the april mcat at georgia perimeter -lawrenceville.

You can only park on the street for a max of 2 hours and its 2 bucks per hour. There is a parking deck that is 3 dollars for students...but they dont check ID so you can park there. It pretty easy to got lost in that area if you are not familar with it... drive down there before test day.

There is lots to eat around campus. There is pizza, taco bell, moes, subway, krystals, kfc and underground. All those places are less than a 5 min walk soo you should have lotss of time.

Marta is a pretty good option. But be warned that marta has occational stalls and will delay soo leave extra time. Dont take the ga state station. Take the 5 points stop...its a 2 min walk.

Let me know if you have any more question
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