Mar 29, 2016
I am taking the GA wet lab Thursday and have been studying compounding and E/O like some on here have suggested. I am curious though about a few things and am hoping others who have taken the exam can give me some insight. For the compounding section, is the math basic as far as proportions, allegation, etc? Then when actually compounding, do you have to decide what to dissolve it in/preserve it with/etc? And then with making the label, is there a sample somewhere of what is required? I know the GA law and what it says to be on the label, but are the compounded products different (for example one place says BUD of 6 months and another says 72 hours). Thanks in advance!


5+ Year Member
Apr 27, 2012
Could you please share your experience with me? I plan on taking it some time at the beginning of the year.