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Nov 18, 2019
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I need advice. I have a 3.45 cGPA and a 3.12 sGPA. I have really good EC's ranging from scribing, medical assistant to volunteering at free clinics and at religious institutes. The only thing I didn't take is the MCAT. I feel like in order to have any chance this cycle I have to take the MCAT by June 20 at the latest so that I get my score back July 7th, and apply July 8-10. The thing is I am not that confident in scoring above a 510 with the amount of time I have left to prepare for the exam. Currently on my practice exams I am averaging between a 500-505. Also my personal statement still isn't 100%. I don't mind applying to DO schools, but would I be considered competitive for DO schools?

What should I do? Should I take a gap year and make sure I get 510+ on the MCAT. I finished my bachelors in under 3 years so I'm still early compared to my classmates, but If I do take a gap year, what should I do with it to really increase my shot at an MD in Michigan. I really want to stay instate but if that's not possible I can travel for medical schools. I know with my GPA I can't be picky, Id be lucky to even get a spot at an MD school, but a man can still hope.


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Apr 5, 2018
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The key to medical admissions is excellence, not speed. Given that your GPA is on the low side, I would do everything that I could to make sure other aspects of your application were excellent before applying, potentially including postbac grade repair. Thus, based on the limited information you have provided, I would counsel in favor of a gap year.
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