1. D

    Bay city/saginaw Michigan anesthesiologist

    I am a board certified anesthesiologist. Wife matched into IM residency in the Bay city/Saginaw area. Anyone know how the anesthesia market is in those parts? And any contact information for anesthesiology chairs for potential FT/PT work? Also ok with doing locums or day work. Thanks.
  2. E

    Michigan DPT 2023-2024 Applications

    Hey! I noticed that a thread hasn't been started for the 2023-2024 application cycle for Michigan DPT schools, so I figured I would get one going. I think it would be good to stay updated on where schools are at with their processes and also celebrate each others interviews and acceptances...
  3. M

    UMich vs. USC Keck

    Hi Y'all! I'm grateful to have options here but I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed trying to decide on a school, so any insight would be much appreciated! Both schools would be new environments for me although I currently live in a city. I’m not quite sure where I want to be for residency but...
  4. HappyPerson

    Referred to ABLE MSUCHM

    After interviewing with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine I was referred to the Advanced Baccalaureate Learning Experience (ABLE) postbaccalaureate program and was told that it is recommended rather than direct admission. I was told the program has direct admission upon...
  5. HappyPerson

    How to successfully prepare for an interview

    Hello, I got an interview at my top choice medical school. Interview is 30 min with a medical student and 8 MMI stations. I bought Dr. Grey's interview prep book. Bought a mock interview with prep questions with a prep program, and I'm looking around online for anything else that can help me...
  6. medshousing

    Renting Canton (Detroit Ann Arbor) Furnished Med Students and Residents rotation accommodation around Ann Arbor / Detroit in Michigan

    Furnished Med Students and Residents rotation accommodation around Ann Arbor / Detroit in Michigan MedsHousing.com Listing # 2782 Sublet is available for 2 furnished bedrooms with walk in closets, and 1.5 shared baths in a clean home located in Canton, MI •Convenient location for medical...

    Renting 2 bedroom/1 bath - convenient to all Detroit hospitals

    UNFURNISHED: • 2 bedroom/1 bathroom (hardwood flooring): $1100/month FEATURES: • Newly decorated apartment-style condos (new AC/new paint/new light fixtures) • Sound insulated walls • New solid wood front door • New thermopane windows • Wood blinds • Central heat/air • All appliances included...
  8. P

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Concordia University Ann Arbor OTD Program Housing

    Hello, this may be a shot in the dark but I was recently just accepted to Concordia University Ann Arbor OTD program! It is a fairly new program but I was wondering if anybody on here knows where to find apartments, needs a roommate, or simply connect before classes start!
  9. anti1dentite

    Stony Brook (IS) vs Michigan (OOS)

    Hi! So i’m currently deciding between Stony Brook Dental and Michigan Ann Arbor Dental and I was wondering if anyone could help me with the decision. Stony Brook; - In state so I get cheaper tuition - med integrated classes - closer to home - not as cold as michigan - small class size...
  10. bommer2323

    Help me decide: Michigan (IS) vs Harvard

  11. Z

    Position Swap IM PGY1 in Michigan looking for a PGY2 open positions/swap to NYC/DC/Northeast

    Hi I'm a PGY1 in IM in Michigan and have been looking to swap to any program in NYC or DC or Northeast for the upcoming year in July 2021 to be closer to family. I am in good standing. Program is supportive and has friendly co-residents. PD is aware. Please message me if interested. Thanks!
  12. S

    TEXAS WAMC URM non-trad major 3.89/512

    cGPA and sGPA: 3.89/3.95 -> Mechanical Engineering undergrad MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 512 128/129/126/129 State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US): Texas Ethnicity and/or race: Mexican, fluent in Spanish Undergraduate institution or category: Private engineering university...
  13. synapsis123

    Wisconsin vs. Michigan vs. Columbia / Pitt (WL)

    Wisconsin Pros In-state tuition (40k/year), potential scholarship but haven’t received any more info yet Close to family Have guidance from current and former medical students here so it might be easier to find cool/good opportunities Familiar with Madison and know what to expect in terms of...
  14. A

    UMich (OOS) vs. Buffalo (IS)

    Hey everyone. I'm an NY resident who probably will turn down my Stony Brook acceptance. I don't think it's the lifestyle I'm looking for (mostly because I live 25 minutes away). I've also considered accepting UPenn, but with no scholarship, I think that would be financially irresponsible with no...
  15. HappyPerson

    Gap year?

    I need advice. I have a 3.45 cGPA and a 3.12 sGPA. I have really good EC's ranging from scribing, medical assistant to volunteering at free clinics and at religious institutes. The only thing I didn't take is the MCAT. I feel like in order to have any chance this cycle I have to take the MCAT by...
  16. takeiiteasy

    Michigan (Dean's Scholarship: full tuition + covers 1 year dual degree) vs. OUWB (full-tuition scholarship)

    Hi everyone! Happy social distancing. I hope you're all well. I'm super bummed about second look cancellations as I was really hoping those would help me in the decision making process. Below is the current headspace I'm in. Please help out if you can! Michigan Pros - Full tuition + grant...
  17. D

    Michigan (OOS) vs. Marquette (OOS)

    School 1: University of Michigan School of Dentistry ** Both have very similarly priced tuition and COA** Pros: - Very good reputation - Close to Detroit - New clinic starting 2022, which is perfect for class of 2024 bc thats when we start seeing patients - Has OMFS Cons: - Farther from...
  18. HappyPerson

    512 MCAT, 3.5 GPA, What do you think of my app?

    cGPA: 3.5 sGPA: 3.35 *grades have extreme upward trend, first 2 semesters I had a 2.7 and 2.8 respectively, greatly increased GPA after freshman year with 3.7-4.0 average* MCAT score: 512 (127/127/129/129) State of residency: Michigan Ethnicity: White Undergraduate institution: University of...

    Metro-Detroit Master Home Buying Seminar

    ****Attention Michigan Physicians**** Are you an attending or resident physician in a Michigan hospital? Do you have student debt and have been told you do not qualify or having trouble qualifying for a mortgage? Not sure who the right real estate or insurance agent is to get the job done for...
  20. M

    UMich vs UChicago vs Pitt vs UTSW

    I'm from the midwest, but am currently working (gap year employment) at a hospital in Houston, TX. I didn't have TX residency, but applied through the TMDSAS for the heck of it, and ended up getting accepted to my top choice from that application, UT Southwestern. Normal AMCAS application...
  21. G

    Post-Bacc Decision Help Needed! (Umich MEDPREP vs. Agnes Scott)

    Hi there, I am in the process of deciding between two post-bacc programs: The University of Michigan's MEDPREP program and Agnes Scott's program. I have heard more about Agnes Scott's program, as it has been around for much longer, but I do not want to discount Michigan's program because it...
  22. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Grand Valley State 2019 OT interview

    Hello, Does anyone know anything about the GVSU OT interview? I am particularly curious about the writing section which is coming up and was wondering how are applicants scored and should prepare. I know they sent us information on the writing section. I was just wondering is there any other...
  23. B

    Position Swap PMR PGY2 (2019) Swap from FL to MI

    I'm a PGY1 completing my TRI year and am categorically matched as a PMR resident in Florida. I am interested in swapping PGY2 year (2019) to Michigan for family reasons. Please PM me if interested, and also PM me if you have another specialty I may consider.
  24. P

    UMN (OOS) vs. Marquette (IS) vs. Michigan (OOS)

    IS for Marquette
  25. S

    Michigan MPJE - study materials

    Anyone used the pharmacyexam MI study materials? It is $68 and just wondering if it helped at all.
  26. L

    IL License Reciprocity from MI

    Hi, Moving to IL and wanted get a head start on transferring my license. I graduated in 2015 and am licensed in Michigan, but I'm a little confused with the BOP website- From what I understand I have to submit a transfer license application via NABP- then attach that pdf to my application for...
  27. F

    DPT Programs in Michigan

    Hi! I wanted to create this thread for anyone that has applied to PT schools in Michigan for the 2018-2019 cycle. We can keep each other updated on any news. Schools I applied to: Wayne State University Oakland University UM Flint Grand Valley Central Michigan
  28. D

    Interested in EM?

    Hello future physicians! Are you interested in Emergency Medicine as a career path or are still undecided?? Be sure to follow Henry Ford Allegiance EM Residency (HFAEMRes) on Facebook to get an in depth look into our program! We plan to post weekly cases, application and interview help, as well...
  29. P

    Michigan Pharmacist Licensing- Boards Eligibility Timeline

    Does anybody know how long it usually takes for the MI state board to process your pharmacist application and verify your eligibility to sit for the boards? I submitted my application a long time ago, yet it still says "eligibility requested" on the NABP website. According to the MI health...

    1 and 2 Bedroom (furnished and unfurnished) Apartments near St. John Hospital (DETROIT)

    J.C. Miller Real Estate would very much like to provide housing options for incoming and current residents, fellows and attendings in the Metro-Detroit Area. We are a family owned and operated full service real estate and property management company. My sister and I are licensed Realtors who...
  31. G

    Chances of Getting in if I apply Next Year

    Hello! I'm a
  32. spartan_scalpel

    Odds of getting into medical (MD) school?

    Bear with me, this might get a little lengthy. A little backstory may be useful, so I'll start at the beginning. I'm currently a sophomore at a less than stellar college--Ferris State University. However, I started my college career at Grand Valley State University. I was a freshman, pre-med...
  33. spartan_scalpel

    Odds of getting into medical (MD) school?

    Mistyped--can't/don't know how to delete. See my repost.
  34. hs764

    Vanderbilt vs Michigan vs UVA?

    Vanderbilt Pros: Highly ranked 1 year preclinical curriculum Small class size Shade Tree clinic - definitely the best student run clinic I've come across Great anatomy lab and opening a brand new med school building this year Great for neuro Nashville is very diverse city and is growing more...
  35. elderflowers

    Harvard vs. Yale vs. UMichigan

    Hi everyone! Never thought I'd be posting something like this! I got way more love with my applications than I was expecting, which is making the decision making process really difficult. Being of really low income, cost is my number one concern in deciding where to go. These are my three most...
  36. J

    UMich vs. CUSOM vs. Mount Sinai

    I am in the fortunate situation that I am deciding between University of Colorado, University of Michigan, and Mount Sinai for medical school next year. Currently, I am leaning toward Mount Sinai, but I feel really torn by the other schools. I am from the Northeast, and am finishing up my...
  37. M

    PhD/PsyD Michigan Masters License changes for EPPP (DLLP) (TLLP)

    I am currently a temporary limited license psychologist in Michigan- I am currently completeing my post masters hours, and then I am planning on taking the EPPP. Michigan has been giving us masters people a hard time. When I applied for my license, they "changed" the requirements stating we...
  38. Alemo

    VA vs university hospital

    Hi guys, I’m wondering about the relative pros and cons between VA inpatient sites and university inpatient sites, specifically at places like U Michigan or Duke. I know the VA involves CPRS and a predominantly older male population that I would think shows less first break psychosis, mania...
  39. G

    Graduate School GRE

    I recently took the GRE and scored 156Q and 156V. The graduate school masters program that I intend to apply to (University of Michigan), states that the minimum competitive GRE score is 160 Quantitative and 155 Verbal. Should I consider retaking the test, or apply with the score I currently...
  40. C

    Penn vs. Michigan (IS) vs. Case

    I've recently been accepted to both Michigan and Penn. I'm a Michigan resident and even received Michigan's scholarship, so financially I feel like I should attend Michigan. However, my interview at Penn was amazing and I fell in love with the school. I'm not sure if all that extra debt is worth...