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Apr 24, 2008
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hey yall, im having trouble finding general financial aid trends for the D.O schools. so my question is, what do you know of, or heard of, regarding the financial aid generosity of different schools. of specific interest is "need based grants". I ask because the ALLO M.D schools ive interviewed at are pretty generous with need based grants, but they also have large endowments (rich schools with lots of money to give). cost is a BIG factor in choosing where i want to go, as all the schools that have given me a shot so far are really expensive and i really dont want to pay THAT much unless i have to.thanks.

I have special interest in AZCOM, NSU and PCOM's generosity. so any information specific to those schools would be great.


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Feb 16, 2007
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My understanding of the situation at DO programs is that we should not expect scholarships and grants (except for smaller, local ones). Most of your financial aid will come in form of loans. There just doesn't seem to be much funding at osteopathic schools.
Of course, the exception is if you are somewhat connected with the military or if you commit yourself to serve in particular regions with a shortage of primary care doctors.


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Jul 16, 2008
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They definitely exist. I cant really speak outside of DMU because that is the school I paid the most attention to, but they give out a few scholarships for first and second year students. I wouldn't expect them not to exist, if you call the admissions offices and inquire Im sure they would be happy to tell you.
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