Jan 26, 2010
Hey guys,

So just wondering, most school pre-reqs require a year of generic chem with lab and o-chem with lab.

But they don't actually specify the # of labs you need, just the total amount of units.

At my school, (quarter system), out of the 3 general chem classes, only 2 of them actually have labs.

So my question is, would i be fine as long as I'm within the unit requirement, and get away with taking only 2 labs with my 3 chem classes?

Also, the 3 biology classes do not have any labs that come with it. Should i just take any upper-div lab classes after i finish my core bio classes?


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May 17, 2012
You should be ok with the unit requirement. I'm in a similar situation with O-chem because the year of O-chem lecture is 2 semesters long, but the lab associated with it is completely separate and only a semester long. There is a 2nd semester of lab however its only open to chem majors, regardless if you are trying to get into medical school or not. I was really worried about med schools saying I didn't fulfill my requirement, but apparently this isn't an uncommon way of offering classes. I imagine you are in the same boat, but with a quarter system instead of semester.