George Washington University GCATS Program

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Dec 7, 2014
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Does anyone know anything about the George Washington Graduate Certificate of Anatomical and Translational Sciences? Has anyone been accepted?

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@zeec93 would you mind sharing your stats (undergraduate GPA, science GPA)? I have just recently found out about the program and debating if I should apply or not
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@klee1236 I had a 3.85 undergraduate GPA and I haven't calculated my science GPA I just know that it is actually higher. I don't know if I would apply if I were you. A representative I talked to said there were over 180 applicants for 18 spots. It does not look like I am going anymore because I have chosen another program, however that still leaves 162 people who have already applied. I'm not trying to shoot you down or anything and I obviously don't know your stats, I am just relaying what I was told.
@zeec93 Oh wow... you have really great stats! I actually ended up applying... how long did it take for your to hear back? And do you mind sharing why you chose a different program over GCATS?