Georgetown Post Bac open house


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Jan 16, 2004
hey everyone,

Just a quick question that i wanted to get some input on. I will be attending the Gtown SMP open house this friday and wanted to know what kind of dress code would work here. Im thinking a suit is a bit much but i'm not certain..any input would be appreciated!

And for those of you who have completed the program, im curious about what your overall views were on it. Are you happy with the way its run? Did it help you get to med school? Just a general feeling on how the program is would be kind of nice. I'm not totally sure what exactly we'll be doing at the open house besides meeting the faculty and getting an overview of the program; its apparently from 830 am to 4 so that's a looong time. Anyone whose been to the open house wanna share how it was? Thanks ahead for the input!:)
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