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Dec 2, 2023
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In my opinion, if there’s anything I’ve learned from my current cycle, whenever there is the option for something to be guaranteed, jump on it.

If you are confident you’d be able to meet USF’s minimum MCAT score, then I would do their program, as it probably doesn’t prohibit you from applying outside USF either, but essentially ensures you get accepted to USF.

If you don’t end up meeting it, no harm no foul; you apply as you would normally

Otherwise you could end up like myself and many others with MCATs above USF’s requirement who are on track to be sweating out the cycle and hoping for a single acceptance through June.
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Would it be feasible to achieve a 516+ by the end of my sophomore year at USF?
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Feasible, yes. But it certainly won’t be easy. You will need to be self-studying MCAT material both as you take the prerequisite courses and during all breaks(winter, spring, and summer).

What might be even more difficult is doing well enough to maintain a good GPA while taking biology and gen chem at the same time, as well as organic chemistry and physics at the same time.

Worst case scenario you don’t meet the score, and you have another year or even 2 to improve your application and apply traditionally

What you want to make sure you avoid is being overly ambitious with course load and getting a GPA that requires remediation
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Another thing I need to consider is out of state tuition. As a GA resident, I have the Zell Miller scholarship, which covers 100% of my standard tuition at UGA. I'm not sure how much scholarship money I'd receive at USF. Would it be worth paying extra undergraduate tuition if it meant a greater likelihood of matriculating into med school after only 3 years?
Honestly the more I read into the requirements and think about the accelerated nature of USF’s BS MD, and then also taking into account full tuition scholarship at UGA, I don’t think I could recommend going OOS.

Let’s say for whatever reason you barely squeak out a 3.7 1st year, you then need to get at least a 3.9 in your second year to meet their 3.8 requirement, all while studying for a 516 and doing ECs. No easy feat.

If you don’t meet the requirements then you’ve essentially wasted tuition and are in a worse spot than you’d be in at UGA while less rushed.

I would see what others have to say about this. Not an easy decision for sure.
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