Get a MPT and graduate earlier or get a DPT? Bad to do clinicals abroad?

Jul 4, 2013
Physical Therapy Student
I recently was accepted to a DPT program that starts in June, however I was just offered an interview with Robert Gordon U (in Scotland but CAPTE accredited) to start their MPT program in January. I have some concerns, obviously.

If I'm offered a spot and choose to attend RGU, I'll graduate 1.5 years earlier, and I understand I can start working as soon as I pass the NPTE. Tuition at RGU is ~21k/yr. The school I've been offered a spot at that starts in June is a DPT program and should be roughly 10k/yr. Financially, either sounds like a great option and I'm not really sure which would be smarter in that respect. However, I'm a bit concerned mainly about two things:

First, will getting a MPT rather than a DPT in an industry that's largely changing towards DPT make it more difficult for me to find a job or find my ideal job? RGU has a transfer option to do your final year at NAU, but I thought, money-wise, it'd be more beneficial to start working immediately (if possible) while getting my t-DPT part time. Is this a bad idea?

Second, I've read on here that the most important thing potential employers look at for new graduates is where you do your clinicals. Will it hurt me to have done almost all of my clinicals in the UK?

Which school would you advise I attend, if given the chance to choose between the two?

I started to raise these questions in the "Self-study program" thread on the PT forum, and did a little searching online regarding it but all the posts regarding the MPT vs DPT debate are from 2009-2010, which I'm worried will be a little outdated. As for RGU in general, there's basically nothing on here. Thank you in advance!
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