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Oct 31, 2015
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so i graduated in may 2018, almost 3 years ago. i got two licenses, DE first then 6 months later PA. at the time, i tried to go for a CA license, because i was leaning towards moving to california at one point. however, i ended up failing the CPJE. i was studying while i was working full time at walgreens. due to limited study time and because the CPJE is 80% clinical questions (which i do poorly at) it's no surprised that i failed

fast forward 3 years now and I may try again to take the test in the next year or so. i think i should be able to pass as long as i study the correct resources. i read the weisman's law book the first time around. i bought it off ebay, can't even remember if i still have it around or if i trashed it. and i used the rxprep naplex book to study for the clinical stuff. some practice tests and that's pretty much it

this second time i heard there are clinical charts or something. i may use that and also the weissman's book. also taking a bunch of practice tests and reviewing the clinical topics that i struggle with using the rxprep book that i still have from graduation

the law portion isn't that hard for me. i would rather the exam be 80% law, it would be a breeze to pass. it's the random clinical pearls questions from like 20+ different topics and disease states that trip me up. also brand and generic drug names which i'm absolute trash at if they aren't the basics

with that being said, is it a pain in the ass to license transfer to california? do i still get to keep my current 2 licenses or do i have to give one of them up to get a CA license? i score transferred my naplex to CA after i passed, but obviously that's not valid anymore, it's been over a year

all in all, how much of a pain in the ass is it to get a CA pharmacist license if you are coming in out of state? it sucks that the barrier to entry is quite a process. so hard to get into california for pharmacy when you're not from there

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