P1 going into P2: Have to remediate a class (it is a guarantee pass) but will delay me getting my intern license

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May 22, 2024
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I have an internship starting next week and I haven't gotten my license yet because of having to remediate my laboratory class. I was told by the course instructor that pretty much everyone who remediates passes it, but the remediation won't end until 2 weeks after my internship is scheduled to start. I was wondering how willing my internship would be to let me come in 2 weeks after my start day when I finally have my license (it was a selective oncology internship and they had other candidates they turned down in favor of me).

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All you can do is ask at this point - normally I'd think if you came from a state that allows you to have your intern license but not have intern privilege's until after your P1 year, you could simply be an "intern" and not do the duties of an actual intern until 2 weeks later.

Regardless, I would report to them immediately about the position you're in so as to avoid damaging relationships and networking. Even if they pass it off to another candidate, it's better to be up front now and not way until the days prior...