Getting a Masters in Public Health

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Oct 19, 2013
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Good Morning!!! I'm just stuck in a hard place right now. I received my bachelors in health service management form Wichita State University in 2012. I'm still working at a daycare right now. I've applied to 100 jobs or more in the past two years. I'm becoming discouraged. So I decided to look into Occupational therapy school and I started applying this year. Its not looking so good for OT school. My undergraduate is sitting at a 2.83 however I'm taking 9 classes which those classes will be five credit hours each. So my back up plan is getting a masters in public health but I'm afraid that I'm going to be in the same predicament if I do that. People are telling me that you want to choose a career that works directly with the patients. I was looking into Concordia University at Nebraska online Public Health program. If I don't get into OT school this year then I will get my masters in public health then I will apply to OT school. Can anyone give me advice on the job outlook for public health. I live in Kansas and everything is saturated because its small. So I might have to move which I don't mind at all. What can you do with a masters in public health???? I don't know what to do. I don't want to be working in daycare for the rest of my life....Please help.....What to do???