Mar 3, 2012
The hardest step of studying: getting started? I have been reading the forum on and off for years. Two summers ago I took Organic II and lab as that was the only class I needed for dental that I did not take in undergrad.

For ten years I have been teaching 7th and 8th grade science in a Title 1 middle school. Done it long enough to be glad I've done it but wouldn't do it all over again.

I started my MBA in 2008 and met my husband, we married in 2009 and later that year and had our first child. In early 2011 We had our second child and while on maternity leave I wrapped up my MBA with a 3.6 gpa- thinking I would go corporate. PayPal, Gallup... They love to hire teachers. Did some interviews and with two kids under two I wasn't ready to give up summers, two weeks off at Christmas, etc. Also told my husband to stop looking at me, as the factory is closed. I needed to get ready for my second career.

My undergrad gpa (2004) is nothing to write home about- 3.2 overall and probably 2.9-3.0 sgpa if I had to take a good guess. Summer 2011 Bought orgoman's stuff, kbb, chads videos (for the first time), dat destroyer..... The loot. The books gathered dust and the video subscription lapsed. Life kept happening and I could never carve out the time to study. The months passed, and here were are in holiday season 2013.

Over every school break I shadow dentists. My own dentist has been a great mentor. I definitely have the shadowing hours accumulated, I will have solid letters of rec from my principal and district supervisor, dentists I've shadowed, and my personal statement is near completion.

I intend to apply locally, as we are not in a position to move. So really, I will be applying to three schools. I know I may be told to do a 1 year smp since my gpa is ancient.

My oldest will start kindergarten fall 2014 so this is the last "kid free" summer opportunity I will have to take the dat and move forward with this career move.

So the questions: Since I own the 2012 kbb, orgoman, et. all, do I need to repurchase or will they still be suffice? I also bought chads for the second time the other day. My goal is to take the dat once and rock it. I'll be done teaching this year in late May so I hope to study over the next months with purpose, but really hit it into high gear after my school year concludes. I should be prepared by the third week of July, so my dat score will just barely trail my application.
Qvault? Achiever? I don't want to overbuy in general or buy too much right now since my time for studying is borrowed anyways.

Chemistry is my weakest area.
Thoughts, suggestions?

Thank you!


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Oct 20, 2009
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Your 2012 materials will work just fine. I bought the 2012 Destroyer and Math Destroyer last year with the intention of taking the DAT in the spring of '12. I put off the test until about a month ago and used those books, plus Chads, the 8th edition of KBB and a lot of online materials. Don't spend more than 3 months studying. I was studying off and on a few hours a day earlier this year but I would forget a lot. Cram as much as you can and then take the test. If you don't have a lot of time now, study for the PAT and get used to angle ranking, TFE and key hole. The sciences should be saved for last. I'm a non-traditional applicant as well and just got a 22 AA and 22 TS.