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Aug 14, 2005
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FOR ANYBODY who knows anything about the NYC transit system...

could you please tell me the best ways to get from:

La Guardia--> Cornell


Cornell--> JFK?

(If you could also tell me the time it would take, I'd appreciate it!)



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Jul 3, 2006
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hey. i interviewed at cornell in october. i flew into la guardia, and just took a cab to cornell. it only cost ~$35, so it's not that bad. you'll get their fairly quickly, and you don't have to stress about public transportation... i don't know how to get to JFK from cornell, tho, sorry...
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Dec 5, 2005
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I work at Cornell and live close by. I usually end up taking a cab (about 25 bucks from LGA, about 40 to JFK). From LGA, u could also get on the M60 bus, get off at 125th street, and get on the 4/5/6 green line to 68th street/Hunter College. Walk East about 5 minutes from there and you are at Cornell (69th and York, on the East River). Back to JFK get on the 6 Green line at 68th street, take it south 'till in intersect the E train, take the E train towards Jamaica, and get off at the AirTrain stop...walk to to the stop, pay 5 bucks and take the hellishly slow monoral (airtrain) to your terminal! It can take forever to get to JFK that way, so I take a cab now....
good luck! cornell is a great place:)
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