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May 25, 2002
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I would absolutely love to do a final year elective in London, and it seems possible through GKT...yay! :clap: I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with some questions...

1) I'm relieved not to have missed the deadline (April 1 2005) but does anyone know if it's first come first served UP to that date? Or do they determine all spots after the deadline? I can inquire by email of course, but figured I might as well ask here.

2) What are the hospitals (Guy's, King's College, St. Thomas and Lewisham) like? I believe they're all in central London...would any be preferable over the other? What are the areas (good/bad etc...though I don't know if there *are* bad areas in the city) and patient populations like?

3) Any suggestions for which department to request? I really have no idea what to pick!

4) And very can I make this affordable? :( Would I be able to find housing (just a room) within 600 pounds for the month?

Thanks in advance for any input!