Glaucoma Fellowships

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Feb 19, 2010
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I'm thinking about applying to glaucoma fellowships next year. I have family in New Orleans heard great things about the LSU/Ochsner program. I was told the pay was amazing ($89,000)-something about covering two health systems. And that the fellow gets 2 days a week to see his own patients. Can anyone comment?

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That is an untypically generous salary for a fellow. Perhaps the dearth of housing, and higher costs of such, post-Katrina, makes this necessary?

Did you call or write them to verify?

As for hearing from family, were these family members ophthalmologists with special knowledge of the training fellowships at Ochsner?
I applied and interviewed there for a retina fellowship, probably many similarities. In terms of pay, you get paid as a PGY-5 ($55K or so). You cover lots of hospitals and my spend time in Baton Rouge and Houma (2 hours south of New Orleans) for a good part of the year. If you have family and really want to go there, none of this should change your opinion too much, but I would be sure to do some more investigation before you make up your mind.