I'm applying to MD and DO schools at the end of my last undergrad year....applying early....VERY early.

Anyways, during the year long (hopefully just one) gap between undergrad and med school plan on working-IF i do not do an SMP program, but I'm working getting high grades to avoid that ( I hope that my major + job experiences = some interesting science/labish/medicalish work).

From those with experience, could you share how working/going to interviews was like. What about applying for a job with the intent to leave for med school the next year? The only way out is to not inform your employer that you will be gone in a year.

Any thoughts?


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May 11, 2006
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I didn't tell where I applied for work that i was applying to med school. For most places, that would be suicide because the time required to train you is really an investment on their part. If you give any hints that you don't plan to stay around then they probably won't hire you. Plus I didn't know if I would get into med school. There are temp or lab work type jobs that don't care though.

Schools don't interview on weekends unfortunately so going to interviews is pretty tricky. For most jobs the first 3 months is a probationary period and you can't take off for any reason. If your interview season is around the same time then that's where the tricky part lies. I was lucky to work at a place that was lax about this. If you didn't disclose that you're applying to med school then you'd need reasons for missing work.

Once you've gotten over the bliss of getting accepted, the dreaded day comes when you have to tell your boss that you're leaving. For most places you have to give 2 weeks notice. I gave mine 3 months in advance because I wanted to give my boss time to reorganize the workload and rehire. When you want to give notice really depends on how nice your boss is because you could get fired before you really want to stop working.

G/L with the job hunt and applying to med school :luck:
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