I'm brand new to this site as a friend told me that its a good place for some sound advice, "most of the time." So here are my concerns:

1) I'm taking the august mcat. I realize that people have already sent their secondaries by the time I get my scores. But is it like I am going up against Goliath, or more like solving the last organic question on your final, ie, you can do it, its just that you hurry up as the professor is about to pick up all the exams..?

2) I only have 2.5 years of summer research experience, in a significant laboratory setting, or I wouldn't be considering the md/phd pathway. Is this enough? Or is it like fighting goliath again? I signed for a research project this next year at school, but I heard most applicants have spent either at least a year out of school??

Anybody out there who applied late???


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May 26, 2002
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Don't worry. At the rate AMCAS applications are being processed right now, you will be even with the April applicants even if you sit for the august test. :rolleyes:

I took a year before applying, and I felt it helped consolidate my motives and credentials. However, I think 2.5 yrs of research exp. is not insignificant, and that your chances are fine with it. Committees are concerned less with the sheer amount of research, but rather the quality of your experience, and what you learned from it.


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Many MD/PhD applicants have taken time off to do research, but many have not. Four out of the five MSTPs in my class at UCSF went straight from college into the program.

Don't worry about applying late for most programs. There are only a few that have very early deadlines. Most MD/PhD programs take quite a while to consider all the applications.

Hope this helps. :D

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May 28, 2002
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I think that you have enough research experience, remember quality not quantity matters! As long as you can aticulate your research to others no problem.

good luck.:cool:
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