Aug 4, 2018
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Its called "Spellex" and I use it before submiting any important document. I ve been using it like 2 years from now and it is amazing how much time I save.
Would've been so much funnier if you had a lone but blatant spelling error in that post lol
Oct 28, 2018
I want to share the following site, dedicated to the explanation of each inhaler technique.

I think it will be useful for patient guidance, and it is based on each inhaler's leaflet.

inhalers dot tk

Thanks :)
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Nov 16, 2018
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Best Apps For Medical Students :

Top Rated MCAT Apps for Future Med. Students:

MCAT Practice, Prep Flashcards (4.5 Stars from 50 Reviewers)

MCAT 2016 Mastery (4.25 Stars from 287 Reviewers)

Ready4 MCAT (4 Stars from 254 Reviewers)

Highly Rated Educational Apps for Medical Students:

Medscape Mobile (4.4 Stars from 43,449 Reviewers)
Resource: Medical news, calculators, tools, disease, and drug and information

Human Anatomy Atlas (4.3 Stars from 1,886 Reviewers)
Resource: 3D anatomical human bodies with clear animations and explanations

Brainscape via iTunes (4 Stars from 73 Reviewers, All Versions: 4.5 Stars from 5,849)
Resource: Find, share, create, and time color-coded flashcards with multimedia

IM (i.e. Internal Medicine) Essential Flashcards (4.5 Stars from 42 Reviewers)
Resource: Find and create flashcards to study medical topics anytime, on-the-go


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Nov 15, 2018
This is an updated thread based on this thread from 2002. I've gone through and removed dead/outdated links and added the links that were suggested after the main list was no longer being updated.

Please comment with additional resources or apps and they will be added to the master list. [Note: I could use help with suggested apps for Apple/Android! Please supply a link if possible, as well as if it's free or costs money.] Please comment or let me know if there are any dead links.

Please do not link to pirated material or any sites that function to provide copyrighted material for free. No "free" Goljan/Pathoma/Kaplan/etc. Posting these links is a violation of SDN TOS.

Another resource compilation:

UMich Anatomy
SUNY Downstate Anatomy
Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
Arkansas Anatomy Tables
The Anatomy Lesson
Get Body Smart- A really good anatomy site to help with muscle action, insertion, etc.
Human Anatomy - Another anatomy resource
Handwritten Tutorials

Iowa's Histology Laboratory
Suny Downstate's Histology Manual
Histology Learning System
JayDoc Histo Web
Blue Histology --- lecture notes and quizzes
Histology Lab Videos

**Physiology, EKG**
Heart Physiology from U. of Utah
EKG Review
ECG library- Collection of Recordings
ECG Stimulator- Quickly learn the most common ECG findings
ECG Wave Maven- Case Studies from Harvard
Handwritten Tutorials

Human Embryology Animations

Learning Radiology digital library of radiology education resources
Introduction to Radiology - From UVirginia
Radiology cases in peds EM - From UHawaii

Whole Brain Atlas
Salaman's Neuroanatomy Atlas
Essential Neurologic Exam
Handwritten Tutorials

**Microbiology and Immunology**
Mystery Zone
Medical Microbiology - practice exams
Human parasitology tutorial
Handwritten Tutorials

Pharmacology Quizzes
Pharm Wiki
Handwritten Tutorials

**Physical Examination/Clinicals**
OnlineMedEd - Invaluable free videos for clinical shelf exams, Step 2, intern year
NBME Subject Exam FREE Practice Questions
Loyola University Medical Education network - Reviews the steps of the Physical exam
University of Washington's Advanced Physical Diagnosis - Choose an organ system and then click on "demonstration"
The RALE Repository of Lung Sounds
Blaufuss Mulitmedia Heart Sounds Tutorial
Auscultation Assistant
OR Live Watch Live Surgeries
UCSD Clinical Medicine Guide

WebPath tutorials and and online path exams.
Heme/Onc Morpholgies Dermatology website; great pics, search by description, name or body location
Pathology Outlines

Residency Web from Washington University
Reviews of Residency Programs
Personality quiz to pick a specialty (Buffalo)
Personality quiz to pick a specialty (Virginia)
Urology Match - Resources for students interested in Urology
Residency Interview Recommendations (University of Colorado Medical School produced videos) - Interviewing - YouTube

**Online Medical Tools**
MD Calc - Online calculators
Diagnosis Pro- Differential Diagnosis Generator
Wrong Diagnosis - Differential Diagnosis Generator

**Phone/Tablet Apps**
Medscape - clinical reference
Micromedex - quick drug reference
ePocrates- Drug guide
Radiology 2.0 - One Night in the ED - Great radiology resource
Calculate (Medical Calculator) by QxMed
Essential Anatomy 5 by 3D4Medical (costs $15.99 on iTunes)

MIT's OpenCourseWare - MIT puts their lecture materials online
MedTerms Medical Dictionary
Inner Life of a Cell (8 minutes w/narration and no music)
KMLE Medical Dictionary
Cram- Lots of user-submitted flashcards.
Wellness Rounds - Blog promoting wellness in medical careers
Medymology - definitions, etymology, and useful information about medical terms
Strong Medicine - a large collection of videos covering ECGs, chest X-rays, cardiac auscultation, antibiotics, ABGs, IV fluids, and a whole lot more
WhiteCoated - inspiration and advice from med students and residents
The Doc | Doctors Global Community - blog with articles for doctors

NCBI ROFL - a collection of studies you can't believe were actually published
What Should We Call Med School Tumblr
Med Comic
I would also add this weekly newsletter that is like the Skimm for medical students: The Scope - Medical news, residency humor

They summarize the weeks top medical journals and add humor! IMG_0323.JPG

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Apr 29, 2016
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What I’d love, is a good one for urology
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May 23, 2019
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Hello! My name is Anvar, I am from Russia. I graduated from medical university and worked as an ophthalmologist. Total I spent 8 years of life in medicine. I liked programming it was my hobby and it's turned out that the hobby became my profession. So last four years I am working as an iOS developer. It is a little info about me, But let's go back to the topic of the thread.
I have developed a mobile app for studying anatomy - Easy Anatomy

The problem application solves is that every year millions of medical students learn anatomy and it requires lots of hours of memorization from atlases and books. My solution is a mobile app that has all you need to learn anatomy. We've created accurate, high-quality anatomy illustrations and exam quizzes. All anatomical terminologies are in Latin & English & Russian.
So no more words lets look at screenshots:

1_6.5 inch - iPhone XS Max_screen__1.jpgscreen5.jpg2_6.5 inch - iPhone XS Max_screen__2.jpg3_6.5 inch - iPhone XS Max_screen__3.jpgengScreen8.jpgscreen3.jpgscreen6.jpg

So if you are studying anatomy, you can try my app as an instrument for more effective learning of anatomy.
Here is AppStore link:
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Sep 25, 2019
There are a lot of websites and apps which are useful for medical students. Here is a quick breakdown and filteration of the best websites and apps from thousands available out there. Please go through these apps and websites, these are very much helpful for all the medical students.

There are some of the op apps available for medical students are:
  • Lexicomp.
  • Prognosis.
  • Epocrates.
  • Radiology 2.0
Best study websites for medical students:
  • Online Med Ed
  • Picmonics
  • MedNet
Best Website for medical students to get regular news and updates:
This website provides a complete and informative guide for MBBS Admission in top universities of India and abroad. This website also provide information about the fee structure, courses, eligibility, scholarships provided ans the procedure to get admission.