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Oct 17, 2001
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i went with my pre-med friends for a new opening Kaplan center and signed up to win a free kaplan lecture course. and what do you know, i am one of the 5 who win an MCAT [email protected]!

but i ask them if i can switch into the DAT class 'cause i'll be taking it in the spring next year. can't do....the class is full.

so how helpful will this Kaplan MCAT class be? Most of the science right? And would i be able to use the DAT materials they have in the center if I am in the MCAT class? wow, a free class for something i'm not taking..........


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Jul 12, 2002
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TAKE IT! Studying for the MCAT is great preparation for the DAT!


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Oct 7, 2001
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I agree with Centrum! Take it! The reviews of chemistry (gen and organic) along with physiology will be helpful to you! Also, you'll probably feel far less pressure than everybody else in the class, and you can use this to your advantage as you study and learn.

You'll have to ask them about using the DAT materials in the center -- I've never worked with Kaplan so I don't know.

Bottom line is that the course is FREE -- take what you can and run with it! :D
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Jun 24, 2000
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Wow you lucky SOB! I would say, take it as well. I'm taking the Kaplan DAT course and I'm pretty sure that you can check out the DAT materials, which they have so much of. I don't think they're strict about it because all they check for is your id when they loan materials to you. The added bonus for this is that you've got the mcat stuff. Hope that helps.
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