Dec 5, 2013
Pharmacy Student
Hi, everyone. I am new to this forum and I have a question that I want to gather some opinions on. I have applied for 6 pharmacy schools and got an interview from one of them on January, while still waiting for replies from other 5.
This is my last semester in college and the courses that I am currently taking are all prerequisite courses. I am sure I will pass them successfully with C or above. However, I am getting lower grades for these courses than what I have expected, which makes my GPA lower (current cum. GPA is 3.22) by 0.04 after the academic update. Do you guys think my lower GPA after the academic update will reduce my chance for getting accepted to pharmacy schools even though I got an interview from one of them?

To better understand my status, here is my background:

Major: Biochemistry
cum. GPA:3.22 ( expecting cum. GPA to be 3.18 after academic update)
science GPA: 3.13
PCAT: composite 81
3 years of biological research experiences and 1 publication
2 years of volunteer experiences in inpatient pharmacy at a hospital
2 months of retail pharmacy experience at CVS/Pharmacy

Thank you very much for your opinions!!
Nov 19, 2013
Pharmacy Student
I personally do not know which schools you are applying to and I do not know exactly what classes you are doing bad in so I cannot fully answer this question for you. Also, I do not know how your academic trend has been (have your grades been getting better and better over the years or worse?)
Your PCAT score seems pretty good (I am assuming you did good in Chem/Bio/Math parts right? Because honestly if you got 90+ in reading/verbal but 30s-40s in Chem/Bio/Math it might not look good)
Depending on if what schools you are applying to, I would say you still have a good chance still (3.18 is still good enough for a lot of mid-tier schools). However, if you have a downward trend of grades throughout the years (especially the last 2 yrs) it might turn off schools from accepting you.
And what pre-req classes are you getting Cs in? If its a general requirement like psychology or something it might not be a big deal. However, if its Organic chemistry or something, then it might be different. (If you are getting a C in physics, then it's seriously not a big deal. A lot of ppl get Cs in physics and get accepted.)