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May 6, 2004
While graduate programs (among other things) can enhance your application, some schools have undergrad GPA cutoffs that cannot be overcome. Many posts refer to this, but no one cites specifics.

Does anyone know of exact undergrad GPA cutoff levels for specific medical schools? Where have people with a low undergrad GPA received interviews, and what schools mostly ignore your undergrad GPA if you have a graduate GPA?

I was thinking :idea: that we could compile all of our cutoff information in this thread as a resource for future applicants. :thumbup:


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May 20, 2004
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I object to the blatant ripoff of the 'official' low gpa thread I started! To the guillotine with you!!

I dont know if anyone can cite hard numbers for gpa cutoffs. These things are variable. Some schools may require a hard 3.0 or 3.3 or whatever to send a secondary but these schools are rare. Most schools just state that they evaluate applicants holistically, which just means they plug your numbers (gpa and MCAT) into some formula and if it spits out a number thats high enough, you get a secondary. What this formula is, exactly, no one knows and no one at an admissions office will tell you. Also virtually every state school has different requirements for in-state and out of state applicants. I think a better approach (if you have lowish numbers) would be to compile a list of schools that are more forgiving to those who have had bad undergrad experiences but since redeemed themselves through post-bacc or grad school. A good place to start would be mdapplicants.