GPA rounding on the AMCAS

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Feb 10, 2008
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when calculating math/sci GPA, does a 3.649 round down to 3.64 or up to 3.65?
I know obviously when calculating everything else, anything 5 and up rounds up and anything below rounds down.
but in one of my courses last semester an A- was 90 to 92.99, not 90 to 92.49
so does the AMCAS round up for anything 5 and above?

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does it matter, its in the past. when your amcas app is processed it will say on it what value they have determined. you'll find out then. it won't stop you from applying to any schools will it?
I haven't applied yet.
I'm in a program that requires my GPA to be at least a 3.65, so I need to know if I can still apply under the program or will have to apply as a regular applicant. I'd ask my adviser but she has no idea either.
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based on my research you'd be rounded up to a 3.65... you're cutting it close though cause they can disagree with your courses and can change it with their own calculations