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Nov 25, 2018
Hi everyone,

I am an incoming D4 who is trying to familiarize myself with the Match process for applying to a general residency. I'm a little fuzzy on the timing of things...

1. What is the difference between Phase I and Phase II Match? From my understanding, it looks like GPR/AEGD applicants are matched in Phase II?

2. What is considered an "early" application?

3. What is the time-frame of post-match - is that basically the period after the Phase II Match Day results, until positions are filled?



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Dec 9, 2014
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Hi! I think I can answer your questions.

1. Phase I and Phase II Match-- depending on what specialty if you're applying for, you'll receive your Match results either in Phase I or Phase II. Phase 1 is: Ortho, Perio, Pros, Anesthesia, and Canadian GPR. Phase II is the rest: OMFS, Pedo, AEGD, US GPR (here's the Match website for more info: Dental Match | Schedule). So yes, you're right-- GPR/AEGD applicants will find out their results in Phase II, which looks like Jan 21st, 2021 for this upcoming cycle.

2. This is one that I don't know a lot about. I started my application fairly early on (like the second day the applications opened), but didn't submit everything until 2-3 weeks before the due date for the programs because of my Dean's Letter. I don't know if this affected my interview offers, but I got to interview where I wanted to.

3. I believe the Match results come out fairly early on Match Day. After noon on Match day, a list of positions that did not get filled go up onto the website. If you did not match to a program, you can go on the website to see what is available and contact the programs directly. I'd make sure to have your PASS app ready to go.

I hope this helps!!
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