GPR programs overview

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Feb 3, 2021
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Hi! One of my friends is looking into applying to a GPR program next year as an international student, no GC. I searched on this forum but I did not see a review of the programs. He is interested in a program mainly on the West or East coast that offers good training in anesthesia, implants, surgery, complex prosthodontic cases and possibly orthodontics. He wants to move to TX after that but has some family in CA. Can anybody share some information regarding GPR programs that would fit what he is looking for?


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Feb 1, 2018
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Is he an internationally trained dentist? If so Texas would be out for him as he cannot get a license to practice there unless he completes a CODA accredited 2yr specialty program, for California he would need to have been working for a total of 5 years (I think 3000-5000 hours of practice) and then he can apply for licensure via reciprocation. But a hospital based program with high volume would possibly get him what he wants. I have limited experience with GPR's as I have completed an AEGD but a handful of them in NYC, AEGD's at UCLA (westwood and venice), Einstein, GPR at RGH in NY state are some good ones from what I have heard. If he can get into a VA program I think he would be set in terms of exposure.

But in the end it is what he makes of it in the program as they don't hand out specific patients to treat...you'd have to sell the treatment plan if you see what you want to do.