Sep 11, 2014
Hey I had a quick question on grade conversions for DO schools. When you are planning on retaking a class to boost your GPA do you have to take it at the institution that you took it at the first time around? I took some science classes at a state 4-year university and was wondering if I could retake them at a community college? Would that still count for grade replacement and if so is that even recommended? Thanks


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Jun 11, 2014
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You can take retakes anywhere. Just make sure the units are the same or greater. For example, at my undergrad, I took a 3 quarter unit biochem class and retook it at my postbacc school where it was a 4 quarter unit biochem class (it would not have worked the other way around). The titles/descriptions must match closely as well. I believe most schools are okay with CC classes.
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