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Feb 25, 2007
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Does anyone know what the grading scales are for the following schools:
*I know there has been a thread on this before, but that AAMC website is NOT accurate, so if anyone has been to the school for an interview and knows, please let me know*

1. Ohio State University
2. University of Cincinnati
3. University of Maryland
4. Virginia Commonwealth University
5. Stony Brook University
6. Eastern Virginia Medical School
7. Wake Forest University
8. UC Davis
9. UC Irvine
10. UCLA
11. USC (Southern California)
12. Tufts University
13. Loyola University
14. George Washington University
15. Medical College of Wisconsin
16. Rush University
17. Georgetown University

Thanks! :D

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MCW is pass/fail. but we have honors pass, high pass, pass, low pass, and fail (kinda seems like A, B, C, D, F.......)
UMD has grades for both years