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Jun 21, 2002
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    I know some schools have traditional grading systems like A 90-100, B 80-89, C 70-79, etc.. and it fluctuates depending on the curve. My school gives A, A-, B+, B-, etc. now each letter grade has a separate value, A=4.0, A=3.7, B+3.3, etc. now i was wondering students that get A-'s get hurt when compared to students at schools that just have A's. Your gpa is lower because you only get a 3.7 and not a 4.0. A 91 at one school is a A (4.0) while at my school (this is hypothetical) that would be a A-(3.7). Now im wondering do adcoms know that there is a descrepancy in gpa's in that sense or are people at schools that have a +/- system screwed? I understand that also helps when it comes to a B+ since you get a 3.3 and not a 3.0. If anyone knows anything about this i would appreciate it.
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