Grammar and spelling errors in a LoR

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I was ghosted by my non-science letter writer (likely, she hasn't responded twice)

I am asking my back-up psychology professor. When I took her class, her email communication was always loaded with spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Her lecture slides and exams were as well, but to less of an extent compared to emails. Is this something to worry about in regards to a letter of recommendation? She has written multiple books in English, but I assume she has an editor for that. I mean, hopefully, she will spell check. But worst-case scenario, will spelling errors and such in her letter be something that negatively affects me? Should I continue with this letter or try to find another?


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Honestly, I would try to find another letter writer. I am NOT an adcom by any stretch but have read more than a few letters of reference. Frequent spelling or grammatical errors would certainly stick in my craw, especially if they were made by a professional recommending you for a professional program.
Hard to say. If it's just a couple minor errors, I would let it pass. But if it's ridiculous misspellings that make it hard to tell what they are saying or if it's easy words being messed up, I'd think the professor is just rushing through the letter.