Sep 1, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy
Hello everyone. I hope everyone is dealing with the stress of applications well. I am currently on track to apply this cycle, although due to school, work, and other constraints I was unable to adequately study and take the GRE this summer. I am currently signed up to take the GRE September 16th which is cutting it close to a few of my schools deadlines of October 3rd. My questions have to deal with the GRE and deadlines and also about reapplying for next cycle.

1) My application is complete besides 1 LOR, and of course my GRE which I will not have a score for until September 16th. Should I E-submit my application now or wait until after my GRE score to submit?

2) As far the GRE goes I am feeling overwhelmed and disheartened by the test itself. I have been vigorously studying for weeks using various sources and my Princeton review GRE book to study, and I feel as though I have hit a brick wall when it comes to my potential of improving my score by test day. I am worried I may not make the minimum requirements for some of the schools I am applying to and I do not want to waste my money applying if my application will end up in the trash due to below minimum GRE scores. I have put all my hard work and time into this application over the past few months. I have very good LOR from working with professors of my PT program at my school, and also put a lot of effort into my essays. I would hate for all this to be for not, but I am also trying to be realistic with my expectations. If for some reason I do decide to wait to apply until next cycle is there a way to save my LOR, and verified observation hours without having to wait a whole year and ask my LOR a second time since I am not technically a "re applicant" (PTCAS suggested new LOR to show you have strengthen your application.)

Any advice or encouragement is appreciated.. I could use some right about now.
Aug 19, 2016
I think you are stressing too much! You should definately submit and just update your GRE after you take the test. PTCAS sends your application after they verify all your materials and anything that comes after they send to your school as well.
As far as the GRE goes if your score has a minimum just make sure you hit that and if you can do more thats always a plus. Most schools know that GRE is not a fair indicator of graduate school readiness but you still should aim for the highest score you can get. Worst comes worst you try again next year like most people anyway.
You have nothing to lose but money if you don't get in but everything to gain if you get accepted. Let the admissions committee decide and not your fast moving brain of emotions :)
Hope that all helps.
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