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GRE at home question


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Sep 10, 2019
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
I have a question about the GRE and the ETS people were less than helpful— has anyone successfully taken the GRE at home on a Mac computer? I asked the GRE about it because it says that for ProctorU you have to have a computer with Windows and a webcam (which I don’t) and their response was this:


-Must be a desktop or laptop computer, not a tablet or mobile device.
-Must use Windows® operating system, versions 10, 8, or 7. Cannot use an iOS® operating system.
-Can use a Mac® computer, with at least Mac OS X 10.5. Note that it is recommended you use Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra.
-Must use Chrome or Firefox browser.
-Download and install the ETS Test Browser on the computer you will use for the test. To fully install the browser, you must run the .exe file after downloading it. If you receive an error message, please follow these troubleshooting steps (PDF).
-Run the ProctorU® System Check from the computer you will use for the test.”

So I’m a bit unclear— in their response they said it “must” use the Windows operating system, but then they go on to say that you can use a computer with MacOS High Sierra.

If anyone can help me out I’d really appreciate it, I really need to retake the GRE before it’s too late and none of the testing centers near me are open!


New Member
May 11, 2020
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
I didn't personally take the GRE on a Mac but if you log into your ProctorU account, which is what you use for the exam, there is a test equipment button that what check your system and tell you if it will be able to run the exam.
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Full Member
Mar 20, 2020
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
You can take it on mac, there’s reddit threads about the programs to install. Even though I have a mac, I used my parent’s work computer which is Microsoft because I didnt want to risk connection issues on test day.

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Full Member
Jun 29, 2020
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
I was scheduled to take the GRE before COVID happened so I rescheduled it to online. I thought I could take it on my mac and got all set up for it morning of and the message I had to agree to when my proctor signed on said I needed windows. I had downloaded the proctoru software but ETS said its requirements were different from proctor u and I was not aware of that. I responded that I had a mac asking if that was okay and she said I needed a windows device because ETS didn't accept IOS. I had to reschedule and borrow a friend's computer a few weeks later (but they didn't charge me for the reschedule thank God). I then had issues receiving my scores because my proctor had not aligned my id correctly or prompted me to erase and show my whiteboard. It took over a month to get my scores and they said they moved me to priority after I called. I did receive my q and v scores immediately following the exam. Best advice would be take it over a month in advance of when you need them, especially with the current situation, if your scores are taking longer than expected CALL (I emailed with no response and received no notification that my test was flagged), and be wary of your proctor- I had to wait for mine after my break and then had so many issues with receiving my scores because of them.
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