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Jan 19, 2022
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I recently took my GRE and I recieved a score of 284. I studied over the summer and the I did not understand the nature of the test and the math was hard for me. During Fall 2022 semester I had a lot of STEM classes and I was not able to focus of the GRE due to a lack of time. I know I should have done better but I just did'nt have time this semester. I am planning to appy to schools that does not require the GRE. Should I retake the GRE to get a higher score ? or should I only programs that does not require the GRE ? Thank you

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For this cycle I would only apply to schools who do not have a GRE requirement or schools who have a minimum GRE score under your score. If you do not meet the minimum requirement, then that school will likely cut you on the spot due to not meeting the minimum. To broaden your options if you end up applying next cycle I would definitely study and retake. A lot of the schools i saw had minimum score requirements of 290-300. Best of luck my friend!
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It may be too late to apply for this current cycle. The best GRE resource by a mile is GregMat. I was able to increase my score by almost 20 points from a 284 and got my best written of 5.5 with his help.
I think Georgia Southern is one that doesn’t require it, don’t apply there.