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Mar 21, 2013
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Considering applying to graduate school? Don't let the GRE be a deterrent. Let's face it, standardized tests can be daunting. But if you follow these steps, you can break it down to be much more manageable. First things to ask yourself are:
  • How long has it been since you were in school?
  • Do you remember anything about math? Because let's face it, who does math regularly when their school/profession does not ask for it?
  • Do you have the flexibility in your schedule to set aside time every day for studying?
  • Ok, if not every day, can you commit to regular studying (at least 4 days/week)?
After you address the basics listed above, if you do have the time to commit to studying, here's a good plan for getting started:
  1. Take the free official ETS® full-length practice test. This will be the most realistic diagnostic tool to indicate where you stand and your foundation of knowledge. Before you take the test, try to simulate a realistic testing atmosphere. Find a quiet room where you can take the exam uninterrupted (no pets, children, imaginary friends, unicorns). Put your smart phone away! Leave it in the other room so you aren't even tempted.
  2. Once you have completed the exam, go over your results. Don't be hard on yourself, it's nearly impossible to do great your first try, without proper preparation. Get a sheet of paper and make a bullet list of what is covered in the questions you missed. See if there are any patterns: are you forgetting all of algebra? Are you struggling with text completion or sentence equivalence? How about Analytical Writing, has it been a while since you sat down and wrote a formal essay?
  3. Now that you have identified the areas in which you struggle most, you are equipped to tackle the GRE! Now down to the basics. Pull out your calendar. Find times each week that you can commit to studying.
  4. Decide if you want to do this alone or work with a professional. A tutor can guide you through the process, teach you the content and strategy, and help you build confidence for test day. Should you choose to work with a tutor, check us out!
~ Tutor the People GRE Prep

Did you do something in your first days of accepting you have to take the GRE? If so, share here!
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