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  1. Nita C

    Low GRE Scores for DPT Programs

    UPDATE!! Hi everyone, I recently applied to two schools that offer a flex DPT program. The schools are Nova Southeastern University and University of St. Augustine. I didn’t do well the first time I took the GRE and I scored below 150 on both sections with a 3.5 in writing. I recently retook it...
  2. T

    Best Study Guide/Online Practice for GRE?

    Good afternoon everyone, Officially completed pre-requisites, now to do observations & GRE. ISO GRE recommendations for online study guides/book guides? TIA!
  3. G

    Rejected 2020 cycle, needing some advice

    Hi! I got rejected this application cycle, and it was my first time applying to PT school. I am hoping some of you could help me with a few questions. 1. In November, I got rejected from a school, both early and regular decision. Is it too late now to reach out to the school and ask why they...
  4. J

    GRE Statistics

    Hey everyone, I hope this is allowed. After taking the GRE this past weekend and seeing numerous posts and discussions about the results, I went digging through ETS to find some true statistics. As it turns out, when you tell them your intended graduate degree, they use it to sort us and...
  5. Sgeramy

    What GRE prep course should I use?

    So I am preparing for the next admission cycle and need to write the GRE. I have a few months off now (i plan to take courses in the summer) and would like to make my main priority my GRE preperation. I looked into options such as Kaplan and Magoosh but I was wondering what worked best for...
  6. S


    So I applied for DPT programs and I got an interview with CSI and Mercy (didn’t get into CSI - was a horrible interview experience). But idk if I should re-take some classes to increase my GPA. Here are my stats: cGPA - 3.27 BS in psych (graduating this May) pGPA - 3.36 Classes - Bio 1 C+...
  7. D

    Worth retaking GRE?

    Hey everyone! I took the GRE on 9/20 for the first time (I waited til the last minute, I know) and just received my official scores: 162V, 154Q, 6W. I'm not super satisfied with my quant score, and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to retake for schools with apps due 11/1 and later...
  8. M

    Applying 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hi pre-PTs! I'm applying this cycle and was curious how my stats looked and how high my chances are.. I think the best thing I have going for me is my cumulative GPA which is a 3.91, but for the GRE I have a 149 Q, 153 V, and 4 for writing. I have about 130 hours of shadowing at 3 different...
  9. tutorthepeople

    GRE GRE Prep: Day 1

    Considering applying to graduate school? Don't let the GRE be a deterrent. Let's face it, standardized tests can be daunting. But if you follow these steps, you can break it down to be much more manageable. First things to ask yourself are: How long has it been since you were in school? Do you...
  10. S

    DPT CSU Long Beach Question

    Hello all! I was wondering about the GRE scores. I know a lot of people on these forums say that if you do not meet the minimum stated, they wont look at your application. I emailed long beach asking them and they said its a recommendation to look competitive and not a requirement. So my...
  11. M

    Should I re-take the GRE?

    Hey Guys, I'm an athletic trainer planning to apply to schools this fall. I'll most likely have a weak GPA (3.4 overall/3.2 pre-req) once I finish my summer classes. I took the GRE a couple of weeks ago and got a 157 VR, 149 QR and 4.0 Analytic. I worked in a couple of PT clinics for a little...
  12. S

    Low GRE - Freaking Out!!!

    I have taken the GRE 3 times already and I signed up for my fourth time - (I can't even afford it but my scores are so low). I don't know what I am doing wrong. I completed a whole Kaplan Prep book, I have 2 apps to help me study, and I typically don't have test anxiety and usually do very well...
  13. H

    Should I Even Apply??

    My GPA is rough, it's a 3.2 and I have to take a few more prereq's which could get it into the 3.3-3.4 level but that's still below average. My GRE score is my strong suit as I got a 322. I had 3 jobs and worked 60+ hours/week for the last 2.5 years of college while going to school full time...
  14. T

    Recently accepted to PT school, thought I could help! GRE GPA interview, etc.

    Hey everyone! I recently went through the entire process and thought that some of my experiences could help everyone out! I'll start with my stats (since that is what everyone is asking about). I have a Cumulative GPA of 3.7 and a Major GPA of around a 3.6. I am currently a Biology Major with...
  15. A

    GRE scores through PTCAS

    Hello, I'm really confused on how to send my GRE scores to PTCAS. I already inputted my scores, but do I need to send them to each individual school? Or just have them be verified on PTCAS in general? I'm really confused so any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!!
  16. A

    Should I retake the GRE?

    Hey guys, I took the GRE about a month ago and I didn't do well on it. I'm so bad at standardized tests. I got a 145 Q, 147 V, and 4.0 AW. I know it's horrible and I was really discouraged because I studied two months for it. Anyway, I've been using Magoosh this time around and my next test...
  17. A

    Is Magoosh worth it?

    I took the GRE yesterday and I did pretty horrible on it. I studied for about two months using mostly Kaplan and Barron's essential words. So obviously that didn't work out for me and I need to do something different before I retake it again in a month. I've heard great things about Magoosh...
  18. A

    Took the GRE today and didn't go well....

    So I took the GRE today and it didn't go well at all. I've been studying for two months, but I'm just not good at standardized tests and I freak out under time. I did really well on the practice tests, but when it came down to test time, I froze. I'm planning on taking it again in a month, but...
  19. P

    When Should I Apply to PTCAS?

    Hey everyone! Just wondering what advice you have in regards to when is the best time to apply to PTCAS? I keep hearing that applying early is best but what constitutes as "early"? Also what programs have rolling admissions? I also still have yet to take the GRE. I am thinking about taking it...
  20. P

    GRE study partner

    Helo all, Anybody planning to do GRE this year..?? Looking for a study partnerin Houston area...!! I'm a beginner Will appreciate ur response Thanks
  21. Daniel M. Pitta

    How long did you take to prepare for the GRE?

    I am looking to apply in the summer for Fall '17 admission. My goal is to begin preparing for the exam this week, focusing primarily on the math portion because writing and reading comprehension are my strong suits (Print Journalism major in undergrad). I have spoken to a few people that only...
  22. T


    Hi there, I am looking to apply in 2016 for the 2017 cycle. I just took the GRE today, and received low-ish scores. Most of the schools I will be applying for has their average scores between 154-157 for verbal and quant, respectively. Bear in mind, that is the AVERAGE. The minimum for most of...