GRE question.

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Feb 21, 2013
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I'm applying to NAU at the moment and took the GRE twice and suck at math. My scores were 150 verbal and 144 quantitative and AW was 4.0 but the problem is that NAU requires a minimum of a 146 quantitative. Should I still apply or do you think they would set my application aside since I didn't meet the quantitative requirement?

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They won't even look at your application if you don't meet the minimum. NAU is a really competitive program. Last year they had over 1200 applicants. Are you applying to other programs too? Some programs don't consider GRE, or might only consider the verbal or writing sections.
Yeah I'm applying to Regis, UNM, and Franklin Pierce
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I don't know the requirements for those programs, but it's definitely not worth paying to apply to schools that won't even look at your application. Definitely make sure you meet all the minimums for the schools you apply to. If possible, maybe change your study methods or find a tutor and retry on the GRE?
Yeah I know UNM's GRE scores but I've been told they don't take them into consideration as much as the references and hours.
Sad when schools place so much emphasis on GPA
Verbal is worth 15% of your application as well as Quantitative. Reference letters are 5%

The hours of volunteering are tacked on to your essay score.

Just wondering where you found this, and how accurate it is since there are some schools that look more holistic then others. Also would prerequisite but under the science GPA then?
The graphic I posted is ONLY specific to UNM. I know this because it's the only program I will be applying to ( deadline is Dec. 1-15) and is part of their powerpoint - I took a screen shot. It's downloadable via their website under advisement. Their school-specific prerequisites are the 'science GPA.'

I've been to two advisement meetings in person for their program the past year so I could tell you really anything about applying to UNM.

One thing they didn't make explicit on the website (that I saw) that they told us in person, is that if you are applying out of state they only take 1-2 people. The applicants from out of state compete in a completely different pool than residents of New Mexico. Residents are competing among each other for ~28 spots and the top 50 applicants based off this specific algorithm are interviewed. The top ten out of state applicants get interviews. They emphasize GPA because their program is so rigorous they want people capable of finishing the program and passing the boards. They did mention they took someone below a 3.5 GPA last year, but that for them it is a good indicator of who is going to actually complete the program.