GRE Question

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Aug 26, 2014
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Hey so my question is what do you think is better? sending both scores or only my latest? ETS score select allows me to only send the test administration i want to send. or i can send both. wondering if its worth showing them the 151 just to show the 162?

I took the test twice, first time 162V 151Q 4.5AW and the second time 160V 158Q and 4.5AW.

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You are supposed to enter scores from all test dates. I'm not sure if they know if you only report your best scores, but according to PTCAS, "A PT program may deny your application if you do not enter all your unofficial GRE scores on the PTCAS application."

ETA: They only look at your best scores, and won't hold the 151 against you.
I'd send both because that's what PTCAS says. Most schools just take your highest anyways so the 151 won't hurt you. You have a good score. It would be a shame to blow an admissions offer that you would otherwise get because a school thought you were trying to hide something from them.