GRE scores for PA school

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Jul 21, 2008
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How important are GRE scores for PA school??
Do they really view them as a requirement or do they want high scores??
Anyone knows what is the minimum GRE score for Nova Southeastern PA school is???

Any recenly accepted PA's to school and/or PA school officials provide input is welcome.


PA schools are competitive and I do think GRE scores are evaluated and not just admin required.
Admission process is multi-factorial... so maybe GRE high scores are not an issue IF you have a lot of health care experience... uber high GPA... etc. Perhaps they ARE an issue for you if your GPA and HCE is below par for that school.
You need to look at individual school FAQs.. compare yourself to the candidate they accept and then you will have an idea.

I would redo the GRE as it is the QUICKEST and EASIEST way to look better.. vs increasing GPA or getting more health care exp.