Great FM Residency Programs in California

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Oct 10, 2004
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Can anyone please share their thoughts and opinions on Family Medicine residency programs in California? Thanks in advance!:rolleyes:

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I interviewed all over the west coast. There are definitely some strong programs in CA. I liked Sutter Sacramento, good outpatient setup, unopposed. Santa Rosa is always considered strong, I didnt like it that much as they dont learn anything about billing as there clinic is on a standard government reimbursement rate so every visit is billed the same.

Id you are looking at CA, think about Reno, NV. It is an unopposed program in OB, Peds and all the specialties, but there is an IM residency to share some of the call. Awesome location with year round outdoor activities at Lake Tahoe and surrounding mountains. Good night life and great place to start a family.
I felt that Sutter Sacramento seemed a little... disorganized. They weren't able to give me clear answers on things like call schedules, "day in the life of an intern". I wasn't sure if they were just not put together or if they were maybe hiding something. Or perhaps neither and I just caught them on an off day.

I won't argue that Santa Rosa has a very neat program, but I was very put off by their arrogance. They seemed to want to make sure that the applicants knew it wasn't just any old family medicine residency, which is an admirable goal, but they were over the top. Also, two separate interviewers asked me questions that were on the "Don't Ask" list... one indirectly and one quite directly. When I reminded the second interviewer politely that that question was "off limits" they said they had no idea, looked at the "Don't Ask Question list", saw it listed, and then shrugged and asked me again. ???