Homer Simpson

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Apr 16, 2006
Because I don't have much money or many vacation hours saved up, :oops: I would like to minimize the number of interview trips I make by grouping schools in the same region together.

For those who interviewed in previous years, where would you set the limit? As in, did you get exhausted after 3 schools in a row? 5? I plan on scheduling so that I get a day between interviews to travel.


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Jun 18, 2005
The most I did was 4 in a row. It wasn't too bad, though I did catch a cold thanks to a tour in pouring rain for on the 2nd interview, so wasn't at my best for the 3rd and 4th.


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Feb 5, 2005
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I did two back-to-backs in the course of my interviewing. Neither was in the same city, but a limited choice of dates and a desire to minimize the impact on school by having as few screwed up weeks as possible made it a necessity.

While I dont think I could have really done this differently, I do feel it affected my performance. While I didn't do badly, per se, at any of the four back-to-back interviews, I didn't feel great about any of them either, and only got into one of the four (compared to 4 out of 6 of the single interviews; and both sets of schools were similarly ranked/difficult to get into, so that wasn't a factor).

Not only is doing an interview the day after you just had one exhausting; going to the first one and knowing what is coming tommorow is daunting and makes that one harder as well. Definitely put a day between them if you can. Interview days are long, but a day is enough to recover. They are somewhat phyisically exhausting (early wake up, lots of walking, the stresses of travel, etc.) but even moreso psychologically exhausting, because you have to be your most 'polished' self for extended periods.

Hope that helps, and good luck.
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Feb 2, 2006
Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria
I've been living overseas so grouping mine was the only option, and any school that wasn't flexible was a school I didn't want to go to anyway...maybe it sounds bratty but it's true, I communicated with my schools via email from over here and they were all willing to help me find a date that was within a 10 day time frame. I'm from TX and had one interview in Aug when I happened to be home, I was invited and went when I was there anyway, and it was in the city where I'm from. Then in Dec I had 5 interviews in a week from Mon-Mon. It was Mon San Antonio, Tues Tulane (in Houston) Wed off but I was driving, Thurs A&M in College Station and Temple, Fri in Galveston (getting from College Station to Galveston in one evening and finding the hotel and getting to bed was hell but I'd def do it again) and then Texas Tech the following Mon.

I actually think knocking them out like that was the only way to go. I'd hate to be in college in the US and flying out every weekend. I heard from Tulane that I'd been accepted before I even left for Europe again, and heard about the match about 2 months later, and everything worked out, I got accepted to the max # of schools I could have with the TX match system and my one out of state school, which would be TWO! So I had my choice and it all worked out.

I wasn't any more nervous than I would have been otherwise, but my parents definitely had to step up and make a few preparation plans for me before I was stateside...my mommy made some hotel reservations and hit the road with me for a few of them so she could do some driving and I didn't go insane, and I could just focus on resting and interviewing. Maybe that makes me lame that my mum and pop helped me out but I really don't care....I wouldn't have survived otherwise and it got me the results I needed!

So my advice is that you can do it, but you risk exhaustion and going a little batty. But you must ask yourself: aren't you normally prone to bouts of battiness anyway? I mean otherwise why are you applying to med school...battiness is doubtless nothing new to you....but if you can get some help from anyone who is able to keep you company or anything, that would be a huge help, I'm really really glad I did it this way and wouldn't have done it any other way...

Good luck!


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Mar 1, 2005
Medical Student
i scheduled an east coast tour of 6 interviews because i didn't have the money to keep flying back and forth. the weekend was a nice break, but i have to say by the 6th interview, i was pretty burnt out and i know my answers started sounding rehearsed. i was waitlisted and ultimately accepted at that school, but i wouldn't recommend scheduling more than 5 at one time... good luck!

edit: you also won't have time to experience any of the area either because you'll be leaving for your next destination...


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Mar 23, 2006
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