Aug 9, 2015
Medical Student
I prepared for 2 months, and registered test on 8/27.(because summer vacation ends in August 31st, I'll have to go back to school which leaves me little time to study.)
I am an IMG, so I aimed for 240+, but did NBME17, got only 211!! (30 points to go!)
Let me report what I did, so you can give me advice: I have done pathoma (3/4 of the videos and found that I still cannot do the pathology questions right in UW.) and DIT (all of them.) with FA and UW(got 70% correct now)
I got so disappointed with my two-months work and a 211 on NBME 17......
I can get it after I read the explanations on the forum, but I couldn't figure it out what the crazy question is testing at first glance!
Don't know what to do next?!
Should I go on completing residual 1200Qs in UW or should I read books or other material?
And could someone tell me how long does it take to reach my goal. (sad)
Appreciate for any of you to reply :)