Hampton University DPT Applicants 2018-2019 Cycle

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May 20, 2018
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Just wanted to start a thread for those applying! Feel free to post your stats!

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They said they received my application materials but I haven't heard anything else yet.
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Me too. It'll probably take awhile unfortunately since they have such a late application deadline
Yes, they are not rolling so they do not review applications until after the deadline
Has anyone heard anything from Hampton yet?
I heard we will not be hearing anything until march.
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Yea but that’s because their program doesn’t start until March . Do you mind sharing your stats pls ?
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Hi all! I have applied to Hampton DPT and was curious if anyone has heard back from Admissions? I received an email on March 11 extending the enrollment decision date to April 5th.
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**Update** I just received and accepted my offer to attend HU's DPT program for the class of 2022.
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**Update** I just received and accepted my offer to attend HU's DPT program for the class of 2022.
Awesome! Yeah do you mind sharing stats? That's my top school but they sent out another email that we won't hear anything until May :(
Just received an email extending the enrollment decisions to June 7th,2019.
Just received my acceptance email! I declined because I have already confirmed my acceptance with another school. Hope this opens it up to someone else soon!
Hampton was the only place i applies and luckily i got my acceptance letter at the end of March.
Congrats! How much is the deposit? I put a deposit down somewhere else but I REALLY want to go to Hampton
I haven't seen anything from Hampton regarding a deposit.

Well that's good to know. Last thing I've heard is that they are sending updates in June :/ I'm starting to lose hope for Hampton and think I'll be going to Michigan soon instead :cryi: